R&D Website Plans

These are the basic components to the websites we can create.







Starter Site

Our Economical Webiste

The starter site is the most basic of our website offerings. This type of site is great for any business that is jsuut starting out who needs to have a presence on the internet. The starter site is also best suited for a cmpany that only requires an informative site that does not need to be updated or changed on a regular basis.

3 Color Site

Background, box, and font colors

2-6 Pages

These could include pages like Home, About, Contact, or Info

1 yr of Hosting

All of our plans include the 1st year of hosting

1 yr of Domain Registration

the doamin registration is yourbusiness.com





Simple Animation Site

Upgraded Starter Site

Our Simple Animation websites are built to the same standards as our Starter sites with the exception that the pages have smome built-in movements to them.

Banner Ads

Grab your clients attention!

Rotating Photos

Show more pictures in the smae amount of space

Animated Tabs

Brings life to ordinary menus

Custom Backgrounds

Pictures or Patterns replace plain monotone backgrounds





Deluxe Animation Site

Custom Designed Sites With Flash Integration

When you add Flash animation to your website it starts to become an interactive experience. The movements are smooth, crisp, clean, and have the ability to contain multiple levels of movement comapred to our Simple Animation Sites.

Protect Your Photos and Artwork

Flash items cannot be copied

Great For Photo Galleries

Effortlessly move through photos

Multilple Uses

Your site can be built entirely in Flash or contain components